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Dolphins Mike Wallace Doesn’t Understand Why “Guys Wanna Mess With Guys”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013
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He is going to get crushed for this, but it is ok to have an opinion. He didn’t say anything malicious, it was just a question.

It is a question that a lot of men have, but are afraid to ask.

Mike Wallace Gay

To answer his question, I would need him to open up his mind a bit. It is human nature to believe people should just like what society says they should like.

If a man doesn’t like sports, people look at him weird. If a woman doesn’t like shoes, other women are confused. Society beats certain stereotypes into our head, but the reality is we should only worry about ourselves.

If Jason Collins like men, more power to him, more beautiful women for Mike Wallace and I. That is how Wallace should be looking at it, instead of trying to figure out what makes someone else tick.

Athletes have to be careful on social media, because people are quick to jump on them (another societal thing, mob mentality).  I don’t think Mike Wallace said anything wrong, just said something that wasn’t politically correct and that will get him in a little hot water.  It is sad, because there should be open dialogue and if someone doesn’t agree with someone’s sexual orientation that is their right.  As long as they aren’t discriminating or calling them out of their name, people are entitled to their opinions.

The Dolphins have spoken with him and basically he will never be allowed to give an opinion on anything again.

“Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him. Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization.

“We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”


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  1. Jerry Jones says:

    I dont get it, since when is being gay cool? Im a straight black man, why cant i get any praise?

  2. Joseph Logue says:

    It’s not really a “right” to disagree with someone’s orientation. That statement would hold true if homosexuality were a choice, but it’s as inherent a trait as skin color, eye color, body type, or any other characteristic.

    • Adam says:

      Yes, it unequivocally is a “right” to “disagree” with someone’s sexual orientation, just like it’s someone’s right to “disagree” with skin color, eye color, body type, etc. What you don’t have the right to do is infringe on another person’s civil rights to life, liberty and property. Further, what you don’t possess the right to is to not be offended. That’s the great thing about this country; you can say whatever you want without fear of legal reprisal. Try and take that away from me (us) and we’re going to have a problem.

    • Brandon says:

      The head of the human genome project said, “Homosexuality is not hardwired.” Where did you hear that it was inherent again??

    • Brandon says:

      All of those other things are dictated by identifiable characteristics of a human’s DNA, and our DNA can’t differ in a way that causes a person to develop homosexual desires. You can even look at a homosexual’s anatomy, and recognize that they are physically equipped and capable of reproducing with the opposite sex. Your inherent homosexuality has been debunked, sir, so if you consider yourself an honest seeker of truth, then stop repeating the lie.

    • tjarvis says:

      Prove it.

    • Nunk Red says:

      I suppose with more and more, HOMOsexuals coming out it is a big win for religions. I mean, doesn’t homosexuality disprove darwinism?

  3. Denise says:

    I feel that it shortens the shortened husband pool for those of us, females, who desire to be wives (to a straight man).

  4. sean pierce says:

    I’m straight and played football in college. I have to say I think it would be weird to have an openly gay guy in the locker room. With that said I give him all the credit in the world, it takes a lot of guts. Maybe attitudes will change. I used to believe that being gay was wrong until a guy I knew killed himself. Believe me if he could have changed he would have. He first tried to kill himself in 8th grade. He finally did in his twenties. I knew him and his family very sad. The pressure has to be great. Now that I have kids I hope the never have to carry such a weight and if they do I hope they have the proper copping skills.

  5. RayK says:

    So I guess it’s OK to think ‘I don’t understand why guys want to mess with guys’, just not say it. Seems backwards that it’s OK so support it verbally. Screwed up world.

  6. Ed says:

    Why is he going to get bashed for his opinion? Only the Mentally ill people who think that liking the same sex is ok and “Totally Awesome” are going to get upset. I agree with Wallace. It makes no sense for a guy or a woman to go after the same sex. It’s just flat out sick and wrong. But hey since all the freaks think it’s ok and natural, how about you all stop frowning on polygamy and let us guys have more than one wife.

  7. Ed says:

    LOL I just realized something. We all created a hate crime by not agreeing that homosexuality is perfectly natural and ok. All of us Christians are going to go to jail because of this. Don’t we love our screwed up world? Seriously though why do I need to see it plastered all over the place that a gay guy is in the NBA? I’d say the queer is looking for attention and he got it.

  8. Dan says:

    I agree with Mike, I’m not a fan of same sex marriage, gays, etc. I call it the world of Liberals, have a great day.

    • Ben says:

      Sometimes the world is so messed up and weird I wonder if I’m not part of reality but instead part of some twisted game for someone’s amusement.

  9. J.I.T.W. says:

    Really not going to sit here and bash the guy for being gay, because at the end of the day he will have to answer for his sin just like the rest of us. I could really care if he is in the NBA or a bus driver. Wrong is wrong no matter what employment you eventually go into regardless of how the media has glorified this unnatural behavior. It is not hard wired, but rather a choice the individual has made, much like deciding anything else in your life. Can’t necessarily say “I was hard wired to use drugs”, no you decided to make that call. They use this excuse to take away from their devient behavior in order to justify their openly rebellious sin towards God. We need to be more vocal about our stance on this issue, instead of being made to fell guilty and placed in the back ground as homophobes or ignorant. Maybe they are ignorant for being gay seeing how it will lead to a lake of fire. Just saying.

  10. SJ OMalley says:

    God did not create anyone homosexual. God created all human beings with a libido, a sexual instinct to procreate or to spread ones seed. He did however; create those who have a greater propensity to lust after people of the same sex, but no one with uncontrollable same sex desires. This lust can either be a temptation which one gives into or one which is resisted. We are creatures of choices, because God made us with a free will. Every day we have possibility of choosing what’s right or what’s wrong. A person who gives into temptation that they know is wrong and then brags about it, is not someone who is brave or should be admired. They are weak willed and lust filled. People should no more celebrate it than they would an alcoholic who gives in to his lust to consume large quantities of booze and goes on a bender for two weeks, or a thief who gives into his desire to steal, or a gossip who goes around slandering others. We should admire those who resist doing what is wrong and instead choose to do what is right.

    • Jax says:

      Do you have a direct line to God? Did God personally tell you that? What an ignorant thing to say you KNOW what God did or didn’t do…how bout this…ask ANY gay person if they CHOSE to be gay or not….”NO” said 100% of gay people. Before you start telling the world what God did or didn’t create, which is highly irresponsible, ask a homosexual if he was born that way or if he/she chose…ridiculous. Here’s an ACTUAL reason to say SMH.

      • SJ OMalley says:

        As a matter of fact I do have a direct line to God. It is called prayer. There is nothing ignorant about saying what God did or didn’t do. I read His book, it is called the Bible and it states what He did and didn’t. The word of God is known as”The Truth”, so I don’t have to ask someone, who is going to lie to me, concerning the choices they make. Once again, there is nothing irresponsible about stating God’s Truth. Once you read “The Truth”, you will know “The Truth”, and “The Truth” will set you free. Try it!

  11. tirezan says:

    Hey Mike, ye might as well let it go. Once a queer, always a queer and ye hain’t-t-gonna chang em. I know it’s gonna be hard in the locker room when ye know one is starring at ye. Well, shake it at em and turn away proudly!

    • Jax says:

      My favorite part is that you think that all gay people want all straight men, even in a locker room…haha…”a queer is a queer”…brilliant logic…all that lack of education is serving you well.

  12. Bo McElya says:

    I don’t suppose the spokesmen for all the various organizations that I have heard comments from could be any more politically correct than they have been, but they all sound like puppets to political correctness to me, and like Mike Wallace I’m not from that school and cannot figure out why a man would desire to climb into bed with another hairy legged assed man. When Kinky Friedman was running for governor of Texas and was asked if he supported or believed gay marriage should be legal he replied ” Yes I do. I believe those people have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us.” That pretty well sums up my politically incorrect opinion on the entire matter and I just wish Kinky would have won the election and that Jason Collins would have stepped quietly out of his closet instead of creating the circus that he did when he shouted it from his mountaintop.

  13. RobertB says:

    Funny how we must be “open-minded” to realize that sins are no longer sins and that God doesn’t exist. Or to “realize” that it’s ok to choose sin over holy love. Of course it is perfectly open-minded to exclude the possibility that God DOES exist, and to reject the notion that it is wrong to act on sexual attractions that are merely temptations to sin. I am a married man, whose wife is now incapable of sexual intimacy with me. I am very much attracted to beautiful women. But for me to truly desire other women sexually, or for me to act on that desire is sinful, NOT BECAUSE IT IS WRONG TO BE ATTRACTED TO WOMEN, because they are not my wife. So those poor people who are suffering with same-sex attraction are not wrong to have such attractions, any more than a poor homeless man is attracted to money that doesn’t belong to him. But they are not the only people in this world who are called to be pure and chaste in their thoughts and actions, even in the face of great sacrifice. Just as the poor homeless person is forbidden from taking for himself the money that belongs to someone else, we are also forbidden from acting in thought or deed on our sexual attractions toward anyone who is not our legitimate spouse. NOT ALL CHOICES ARE TO BE RESPECTED!!! To reject THAT notion is being truly and fatally closed-minded. This life is short in comparison to eternity.

  14. RobertB says:

    If another man were attracted to your wife, would we all have to respect his CHOICE to act on that temptation, just because God made him that way?

  15. RobertB says:

    If a poor street person were attracted to your wallet, would we all have to respect his CHOICE to take it from you? NOT ALL CHOICES ARE TO BE RESPECTED!!!

  16. JosephB says:

    The one who is truly closed-minded is the one who refuses to believe that there is a God, that a sin is still a sin, and that God truly has commanded us to do what is right and holy and to reject the temptations to sin. Those poor people who suffer with same-sex attraction are to be respected and loved, as God loves them too. Whether we understand same-sex attraction or not, it is NOT a sin to be simply ATTRACTED to people of the same sex, any more than it is a sin for my neighbor’s teenage son to be attracted to my wife. BUT, it is a sin to ACT on any temptation to do what is contrary to God’s law! For me to expect my neighbor’s teenage son to reject the temptation to give in to sexual fantasies or behaviors with my wife is NOT a failure to be open-minded. To expect EVERYONE to reject the notion that there is a TRUTH that does not depend on our beliefs or our opinions is, in FACT, being PERFECTLY CLOSED-MINDED.

  17. john says:

    Why is he in trouble for this?? he should of called them pussies and fags and the team should give him a bonus check

  18. Jonathan says:

    Compared to the awful things many politicians have said, this is pretty tame.

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