Dwight Howard Says His Back Still Hurt, But He Came Back Early for City of LA


Dwight Howard has said the same thing all year, we get it.

Your back was hurting, you don’t have to remind us every five minutes. You would think he is the only player in the history of the NBA who has had to fight through an injury.

I don’t know if Dwight is going to re-sign with the Lakers, but what I am confident of is that he is never going to change. He is what he is, so if you are expecting anything else from him, you are going to be disappointed. He is the best Center in a league with no great Centers, so it is hard to gauge how good he really is.

Best case scenario is that he settles into a comfortable role and whatever team he plays for surrounds him with the type of talent where he doesn’t have to be a leader, because clowns lead the circus, not basketball teams.