Dwight Howard Says Season With Lakers Was Nightmare; He & Kobe Aren’t Friends

Dwight Howard Free Throws

What will Dwight do?

Will he stay or will he go? His first season in LA, didn’t exactly go the way he had planned.

He is going to need to wake up soon. The next decision he makes, will probably define his career. He turns 28 next year, he should be hitting his prime, so whatever team he ends up with, will define his legacy.

I can only tell you one thing, don’t believe anything Dwight says, until he signs the contract. At least he is honest about Kobe Bryant, but don’t believe him when he says he supports him.

Dwight wants the Lakers all to himself, so don’t be surprise if he asks Lakers management to get rid of Kobe and D’Antoni.

3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Says Season With Lakers Was Nightmare; He & Kobe Aren’t Friends

  • he said they aren’t “best friends”…..little bit of a misleading caption you put up…

  • Oh yeah… THAT’S gonna happen. Let’s ditch Kobe for 1-trick-pony Dwight. Pfftp. Whatever. He’s HIGH if he thinks that’s anything more than a fantasy. It didn’t happen for Shaq & he’s TALENTED…. Dwight on the otherhand is mediocre at best. Reality check!

  • Dwight’s foul trouble and behavior just as bad as Metta’s, and they continues to plague one of the only healthy Lakers left; he SHOULD be taking some time off to clear his head. It was almost baffling to watch the way the Lakers crumbled down the stretch, and NO team should have to deal with losing 5 GUYS like they did!! Losing Kobe was a major setback, but having to deal with Nash, Weeks, Blake AND Gasol injured this year was just too much for ANY team to handle. I get off work at DISH pretty late usually, so I catch a lot of the west coast (Lakers)games live; I’ve been watching the Lakers games on the bus ride home, using my DISH Anywhere app on the iPad. I stream all my channels and DVR to my iPad, which is perfect timing for Lakers basketball; this series however seems like every game is done in the 3rd quarter, so I don’t get to watch much anyway.

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