Dwight Howard Says “The Lakers Can Win Without Kobe”


Dare I say these words… Is Dwight Howard… maturing?

Lately it seems like Dwight Howard is beginning to accept his new role as a leader in LA. With Kobe out for 6-9 months, in Kobe years thats like 3-6 months, Howard is getting an early taste of what this LA team has to offer and what is being expected of him. From insidesocal.com, Howard spoke to the press about stepping up to the huge plate of being a Laker leader and learning how to play without the Lakers biggest threat, Kobe Bryant.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to lead this team,” Howard said. “I feel confident in myself and the guys are confident in me. I’m willing to do the best I can every single night.Despite whatever happened this season, we have a chance to win the next game, make the playoffs and make history,” Howard said. “Me being tthe leader in the team, I believe we can win. Now we’ll go out and play like it. I watched Kobe all year and watched what he did with this team,” Howard said. “He’s not one of the guys who will be in the locker room and be vocal. He’s just going to do everything on the court. That’s where he shows his leadership with how hard he plays and how hard he trains. Other guys are the vocal guys. Btu I believe I can do both. I’ve been trying to do that the whole year. With Kobe out, I understand I have to do more with this team. It’s a good opportunity for me. I believe I can do it.”

It has to make you scratch your head, either Dwight has a great publicity team or he’s actually ready to become what Buss wants and that’s not only a franchise player but also the new leader of the Los Angeles Lakers. Dwight Howard is coming into his own, he’s been playing with a injured back, huge criticism and a weight of expectations, maybe the lost of Kobe was something that was needed to kick him into gear and make him see that this is possibly his team in 2-3 years. Sometimes all it takes is a little reality to bite you in the ass to wake you up.

Folks, a giant might be awake in LA.