Dwight Howard to Take Up Yoga, Apologizes to Lakers Fans & Suggests He’ll Return

dwight howard, kobe bryant feud

One thing, should be made clear. Regardless of how you feel about Dwight’s clown like behavior, 6 hidden Baby Mamas, limited post game and wishy-washy comments, he is still, pretty clearly the best center in the NBA.

He definitely has room for improvement, be it mentally and physically, but he is a very good player. He is going to be a max player wherever he plays next year.

Simply put, are the Lakers a better or worse team with or without him? I think you know the answer to that. Dwight went to Twitter (or the person who runs Dwight Twitter) and had this to say to Lakers fans.

If I was betting your money, I would say that Howard comes back to the Lakers. For two reasons, first Kobe can’t play forever and secondly he likes the city of LA.

Then there is the extra $30 million he can make, but since we are talking about Dwight Howard, don’t be surprised by anything that happens.