Dwight Howard Yelled at Mitch Kupchak? Don’t Be Skiptized (Video)

Dwight Howard

I am a part of this world, I know how things work, so I am going to be honest with you. It is in the interest of the media and online sports media in general, to blow this up.

More clicks, more views, more Tweets, more likes and etc.

But, you the fan, need to use some common sense, don’t be Skiptized, use your brain. People might not like Dwight Howard personally or on the court, for various reasons, but if you are going to slander him, make it legitimate, not something manufactured like this.


Kupchak barely touched him and Dwight’s anger is focused either on a fan or something on the court. Kupchak didn’t even move, because he knew Dwight wasn’t talking to him.

Don’t make it into something it isn’t.

3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Yelled at Mitch Kupchak? Don’t Be Skiptized (Video)

  • He was yelling back at the refs for teching him up and throwing him out of the game after they failed to call numerous fouls. Mitch knew what was up.

  • What did he say though?

  • This isn’t skip talk, this is real talk. Dwight Howard is a over grown immature cry baby! He wasn’t smart enough to realize if he gets a second technical foul, he is ejected? He let his team down during the last game of the season? Howard doesn’t derserve a max contract! He doesn’t deserve to be a Laker! With the attitude he showed, he doesn’t deserve to play in the NBA! The only thing Howard deserves to do is be a bouncer at some cheap night club! He has the height, the talent, the size, but he has no heart and definitely no intelligence! I thought Andrew Bynum’s clasless act two years ago was terrible, Howard is worse! I hate both of them!

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