Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Tired of Lakers Fans, Wants Him to Sign With Rockets


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How much pulled does Dwight Howard’s girlfriend Christine Vest have?  Considering how many women Dwight have brought to Lakers games this year, plus the five baby mamas, I would say she doesn’t have much.

With that being said, she is tired of Lakers fans and wouldn’t mind if Dwight took his talents to Houston.


If Dwight did leave LA, the Rockets would be an ideal landing-place, because they already have a budding star there in James Harden.  The spotlight is different in Houston than LA.  He could go back to his clown like behavior, if he so chooses.

We have a few months, before he has to make his decision, but the Summer of Dwight has begun.

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3 thoughts on “Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Tired of Lakers Fans, Wants Him to Sign With Rockets

  • She’s cute….

  • It seems Super man has no worries about staying with the “Lakers” any longer…Thank you Dwight, a young man of color, brave enough to break with convention of today’s American black monied pro athlete’s who all seem to be stuck together at the wallet with attractive, white, college-educated, blonde with Dr Goldman’s elite top-of-the-line “DD” breast on a 5″-2′ petite girl with expensive taste on his contract cash…What about the sister’s? Don’t they deserve some love and some nice easy-living on your buck?

    • you do realize that one of his 5 baby mamas is an attractive white blonde….just sayin

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