Dwyane Wade Ex-Wife Doesnt Want Their Son Playing Basketball

dwayne wayne ex wife

As the Miami Heat continues on their journey, trying to achieve a second consecutive championship, one person waiting nearby for an opportunity to rain on their parade is the ex-wife of Dwyane Wade, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade.

Funches-Wade is claiming that she’s been deprive the opportunity to spend time with her two children that a court previously granted. One issue, according to Gossip Extra, steams from Wade allowing their 11-year-old son Zaire to play basketball on a team that travels periodically to Detroit.

“A parent’s right to see a child takes precedent over basketball,” said Boca Raton lawyer Lisa Macci, Funches-Wade’s attorney. “She traveled to Miami recently to see her children but was told when she got here that her older son was playing basketball in Detroit.

“If the mother had done that, the father would be screaming parental alienation.”

Although Wade has full custody of the children, Funches-Wade, Wade’s high school sweetheart, was granted visitation rights every other weekend and on certain holidays. In addition to visitation, the court also appointed Wade the responsibility of covering his ex-wife’s expenses to fly to Miami and stay for the weekend.

However, Funches-Wade claims she hasn’t been reimbursed in a timely fashion, which in return she has decided to file her own set of motions before the court.

For nearly three years these two have been fighting in court. When is it enough?  I can understand a mother wanting what’s right for her child, and I could understand a father wanting to ensure his children are safe and in a loving environment. However at some point at least for the sake of the kids, I hope these two can find a common ground. The numerous court cases and public slander will only hinder the children later on. Hopefully these two can find a resolution.

8 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Ex-Wife Doesnt Want Their Son Playing Basketball

  • Ok there are a couple of things that are questionable: what basketball team for 11 y/o boys travels from Miami to Detroit?? Why won’t she tell Wade she was on he way to Miami?? And why wouldn’t Wade tell her they were travelling to Detroit?? The fact that she doesn’t have custody is also somewhat suspect since I think the mother gets custody most of the time (of course I could be wrong)….

    • Also it was my undertsanding that Wade went to Detroit to watch his son play…

  • I never understand interstate parental custody battles. The whole, “I flew in to see my kid and he wasn’t there” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Did she not talk to her son before hand? Why wouldn’t she just fly to Detroit to see him play?

  • Can anybody do a spell check in this RAGGEDY ARSE WEBSITE before they post articles??? This black female writer was sooooooo pressed to tear down D.Wade’s ex with this piece of CRAP level of writing that she forgot to use it.


  • Sounds.pretty petty to me. It seems as though Siovaughn looks for any and every reason to drag Dwade back to court. I wonder who is paying her legal fees.

  • This woman is proving that she is bat shit crazy. A lot of stuff she says don’t make sence.hr son stated that hecwants to play bball so dwade lets him. She wasn’t caring how dwade felt when she had custody and would leave chicago when he came to visit. She needs to move on and seek help.

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