Dwyane Wade Paid Ex-Wife A Million and Pays $25k a Month

dwyane wade divorce cost

She wasn’t with him shooting in the gym, but it surely is costing Dwyane Wade a shiny penny or two in order  to free himself from his marriage to his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade. If you want to be a single man with an attractive movie star standing next to you, it comes with a hefty price tag.

How much exactly?

Well according to Gossip Extra, Wade is paying his ex-wife a grand total of $25,000 a month. The bill doesn’t stop there. Wade also pays an additional $10,000 a month to cover her living and traveling expenses.

In addition, she was also awarded a lump sum payment of $1 million once the divorce became official last year.

Is it cheaper to keep her? Well $35,000 a month plus the million in the bank…. That’s not chump change I can say that much. Although with Wade cashing in as a NBA champion, I’m sure he won’t be hurting for a few pennies.

A trail is set for early June for the two to workout and determine the remainder of distribution of marital assets.

Yes you read that correct. Wade is still on the hook and is expected to hand out more money come late June. The information surfaced after Funches-Wade submitted paper work to the courts asking to spend more time with her two sons. For the most part the details of their divorce remained unknown.  However, those days are long gone now. I would ask if we could all get along, but its apparent the answer is no. Hopefully the court system can come up with a good resolution so these two can live peacefully even if it’s apart.

5 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Paid Ex-Wife A Million and Pays $25k a Month

  • Men get f*cked hard in a divorce

  • I’ve never understood paying monthly support at such high sums. In her case, I understand it’s different – been together since high school, married, 2 kids, etc. So I mind it a little less, until you see she got an initial $1 million lump sum, and the assests haven’t even been divided yet. Travel expenses are fair to a degree, but not at $10K a month. I love traveling, and flying in and out of Chicago is more expensive than any other city (I know being Chicago born and raised), but for $10K a month you can do first class and a 5star Miami hotel 2-3 times a week, and she’s only traveling every 2 weeks. What exactly does she pay out of her own pocket for her 2 kids? Isn’t he only supposed to be paying his HALF? Why is she traveling free, living free, and not paying anything herself for her kids? Yes, divorce sucks, but if she was a man she’d get the same outrage as KFed got. If she was fired from her job they wouldn’t owe her free everything, and if he was just a “baby daddy” it would have ended at the lump sum. I know she feels scorned bc he moved on from Gabby, but be a woman and do you.

  • She was with him before the commenters or the person who wrote the story cared about who Dwyane Wade was. When he was at his low her and her family took him in while any of you couldn’t have cared any less about his bank account back then. Now you guys care..why? Because he is famous? Because he is with Gabby? Because he seems like a good man when you see him on TV ?….He is reaping what he sowed..womp womp!

    • I ACTUALLY KNOW D-Wade’s Family and Ole Girl’s FAMILY and I could STR8 BLAST Your comment to SHREDS But I’ll Digress and Let You have YOUR FUN Though (REAL…)

  • D-Wade wanted to take care of THIS DIVORCE Quickly-n-Quietly but Ole Gurl was being VERY UNREASONABLE becuz She wanted to REAP THE REWARD of D-Wade’s NOT YET SIGNED NBA Contract Extension along with His New Endorsement DEALS… So she was doing EVERYTHING IN HER POWER to delay the Divorce from Being Final (YUPPP…)

    And I’m NOT DEFENDING D-Wade… I’m just stating REAL FACTS (REAL…)

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