E.J. Manuel Excited About How He fits In Bills Offense


Chip Kelly is deemed the innovator of the sped up, high tempo offense that is trending NFL wide right now.  Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone utilizes his own version of uptempo offense, and it’s mainly responsible for getting him the head job in Buffalo.

Marrone used the #16th pick in NFL Draft on Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel, because he needed someone to drive the car essentially, and be at the helm of such a high-powered offensive system.

Manuel for his part is excited about how he fits in the Bills new offense, and discussed it with Bills.com.

“I had a really good feel when I came up and met with Coach Marrone and Coach Hackett and Mr. Nix and Mr. Whaley and we had great conversations,” said Manuel. “I think I picked up the offense that he taught me and I think we met for four or five hours and I think they see I fit best into what they want to do.”

“That’s what I’m so excited about the multiples of this offense and it’s definitely a new type of offense. It’s an innovative offense,” said Manuel. “It’s something I’m excited to work into and learn.

Manuel has two other veterans on the roster, so it’s not imperative that Marrone throws him to the wolves.  From all the reports and talk surrounding the pick, Marrone and the Bills have no problem giving Manuel a chance to compete for the job from day 1.