Escort Jenna Shea Says She Exposed Peyton Siva For Being Hypocrite to Jesus (Video)


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“Never look at the names, look at the situation”

That was something a journalism professor told me many years ago, when he thought, an article I wrote while at  The Ohio State University was a little too biased.

He said that humans, in general are biased, so you have to eliminate personal feelings and base your opinion just on the situation. Don’t make assumptions based on personal knowledge of the individuals, because it would cloud your judgment.   By now, everyone knows about escort Jenna Shea exposing Louisville Peyton Siva after the National Championship game.  If you aren’t up to date on it or don’t watch Chelsea Lately (thanks for BSO shoutout), you can read it all here.

Shea took some backlash for it and went on VLADTV to give her side of the story, take a listen.

Now, it is time for our Journalism lesson, free of charge.  We are going to eliminate the names, just look at the situation and come up with some conclusions.

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We have a basketball player who thanks Jesus and his girlfriend after a big championship game win.  We have an escort who takes offense to that, because the basketball player has been trying to be lovey dovey with her for a couple of weeks.  The basketball player sends over a few shirtless pics and offers to meet up, even though he is aware of her past.  The escort says if it was just a money transaction, no worries. It was the fact, he was trying to get to know her better as a person that was hypocritical on his part and she doesn’t like hypocrites.

What is your conclusion?

The first conclusion is the hypocrisy is a valid statement.  It is hypocritical to thank your girlfriend and Jesus, while trying to meet up with an escort a couple of days before the game.  No way one around that, that is a 100% factual statement.

Your second conclusion, should be that when you are dealing with someone who exposed someone in the past, you can’t be shocked when they do it again, for even the smallest reasons.

The last and most important conclusion should be that if someone has sex for money, don’t try to be sweet to them.  Shea doesn’t hide the fact you have to pay for play.  Simple rule, you treat women as they are, not how you want them to be.  If Siva offered $300 like Nick Young she turns it down, he can keep it moving and there is no exposing.

The lesson is simple, if you want an escort as a side chick, don’t treat her like a girlfriend, treat her like an escort.  Then you won’t have to worry about anything, because she knows what the deal is up front.

Class dismissed.

4 thoughts on “Escort Jenna Shea Says She Exposed Peyton Siva For Being Hypocrite to Jesus (Video)

  • The bitch has a nice body but $10,000….bitch please

    • Well to her credit at least she is str8 up about the money.

  • Nicely written, Man.

  • She needs to keep it real this didn’t have anything to do with Jesus because if it was why didn’t she say that at first. Furthermore she said she ho and get paid for a living. If so that is her business or hustle meaning that’s how she eats. Who gives a F if her client is being hypocrite. Who cares if her client was sweet talking her she should be ahead of the game if that’s her business. He was stupid but she is stupid too for catching feelings with a client. She obviously caught feelings and was hurt notice how she had Peyton in her phone with hearts by his name. Don’t come up with bs excuses because you got played by your game.

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