Ex-NBA Eric Williams Says SI & Jason Collins Are Assassinating the Black Man’s Character


Jason Collins is definitely capitalizing off his announcement, that can’t be argued. Is it a sin? That is up for personal debate.

Former Celtics and Basketball Wives star Eric Williams has never been silent about his views on homosexuality, so it wasn’t surprising that he had a strong take on Jason Collins and what this means for African-American Athletes.

Williams just has an opinion, it is probably shared by more than a few people and even some athletes, but they would never say it in public.  Williams has been out of the NBA for a while, so his opinions won’t crossover to the mainstream like Mike Wallace’s comments.

There is a general fear to go against the mob and an anonymous NBA player even admitted he is scared to speak on the subject.

Some could argue that Williams’ appearances on the Basketball Wives, did more to hurt the black man’s character, than anything Jason Collins has done, but once again that is just an opinion.

We should respect each others opinions, even if we don’t agree with them. The concept is pretty simple, you want your opinions respected, so why in turn would you bash others?

Don’t be a hypocrite, the mirror never lies.

21 thoughts on “Ex-NBA Eric Williams Says SI & Jason Collins Are Assassinating the Black Man’s Character

  • William’s comment is just STUPID. Do the vast number of unemployed black men give all black men a bad image? How about the vast number of incarcerated black men who have murdered, raped, and committed other hideous crimes. Those actions give black men a terrible image but no one mentions them. I don’t support homosexuality but let people be who they are.

    • You “don’t support homosexuality”? What about men who are attracted to women of different races? Do you “support” that? How about men who think nice legs on a woman are attractive? Or men who like big boobs? Or who prefer blondes? Do you “support” any of that?

  • It’s not the hundreds of heterosexual NBA players who cheat on their wives and girlfriends who have made Black men look bad?

  • the idea that one person makes “black men” look like anything is straight up racist.

    • Thank you for posting something the idiot author seemed to never consider.

  • Assassinating what? Sheesh. I’ll bet Eric Williams has more gay porn searches on his computer’s hard drive than all of Pakistan.

  • Did this article seriously call someone appearing on the show “Basketball Wives” a “star”? Ugh. This is why we can’t get ahead as a people.

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