Ex-NBA Larry Johnson Says Gay Player Would Have Made Him Uncomfortable


larry johnson uncomfortable gay players

The cat is out the bag.

By now everyone is aware that the 12 year NBA ball player, Jason Collins is gay. After coming out to the world yesterday, his sexual orientation became the topic of the day.

Collins was praised by peers, chastise by peers, and then there was those peers who could careless either way. Even with the differences in beliefs, it was nice to see people debating in a respectable manner. However with a topic as controversial as homosexuality, Collins had to expect not everyone would welcome his beliefs so freely.

One person who would find it uncomfortable to welcome a gay player into the locker room was the New York Knicks basketball and business operations representative Larry Johnson.

Johnson, who played five seasons with the Knicks, admitted to not knowing Collins personally, but honestly expressed his opinion regarding playing with a homosexual player via Twitter.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, I do believe the steady flow of dialogue and conversation will help people understand. Not accept but understand the unknown! Both men have a difference of opinions; however they were able to state it in a respectable way. Kudos!

Now let’s get on with the playoffs.


  1. If the mere thought of a gay man being near you is enough to throw you off your game, you should hang up your jersey and go coach at a Catholic school. (God knows there’s no gays anywhere in that world!)

  2. I am a christian and my bible does not teach hate of person but hate of sin.Secondly a true christain is suppose to not judge but be tolerable of diffrent cultures,religon and beliefs.IF you are gay as a christain i do apologize for the misconception.That misconception is that we hate you.We do not hate you.We despise the sin you committe.However,it is your sin and if you comfortable with it.I should and will respect you.If you wont to be married by all mean (be married).If you love the same sex by all means( love intill your life is no more).Only god can judge you.I do think that celebrating homesexuality is a bit foolish.In my opinion we are not celebrating a race attaining freedom.We are celebrating a sexual prefrence.It is your prefrence to be with the same sex.It is nothing to be celebrated.You are free and dispite lies that have been told you have free will.So by all means enjoy it.I do not hate you.I just wish the Gay community would stop forcing it self down our throats.Everytime someone comes out they do it publicly…as if we care.I know they do it so others will come out as well but its 2013 and if you ant came out of that closet yet there is something wrong.Homesexuality is acceptable in america,hidden in the arbic community,charished in the europe world,and accepted in the asian community.It is not always the norm but for the most part it is a part of this culture.We straight christain men could careless and i think i speak for the majority of us.We just tired of hearing someone sexual prefrence and the media actiong like its the new wave of freed negro’s in the south.Homesuality is not a race it is a prefrence.

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