Ex-NBA Larry Johnson Says Gay Player Would Have Made Him Uncomfortable


larry johnson uncomfortable gay players

The cat is out the bag.

By now everyone is aware that the 12 year NBA ball player, Jason Collins is gay. After coming out to the world yesterday, his sexual orientation became the topic of the day.

Collins was praised by peers, chastise by peers, and then there was those peers who could careless either way. Even with the differences in beliefs, it was nice to see people debating in a respectable manner. However with a topic as controversial as homosexuality, Collins had to expect not everyone would welcome his beliefs so freely.

One person who would find it uncomfortable to welcome a gay player into the locker room was the New York Knicks basketball and business operations representative Larry Johnson.

Johnson, who played five seasons with the Knicks, admitted to not knowing Collins personally, but honestly expressed his opinion regarding playing with a homosexual player via Twitter.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, I do believe the steady flow of dialogue and conversation will help people understand. Not accept but understand the unknown! Both men have a difference of opinions; however they were able to state it in a respectable way. Kudos!

Now let’s get on with the playoffs.


    • Happy for the guy if thats what he wants, everyone in his business. LJ has the right to be honest, thats the one thing about all of this coming out stuff. We as a nation (world) can no longer be truthful. We live in a society where people can no longer feel safe to say what they honestly feel. When people disagree with anything now a day, you are percieved as not being open minded. What if these people have thought about and made reasonable decisions about what they believe, does this not count for anything? We live in a world where we lie about the way we feel so not to be seen as politically incorrect. Forcing people to accept something because its politically correct is not what this country was founded on. Oh, thats right, we want to make sure that we don’t bring up anything about the founding of this country, those people were narrow minded. This country is so in denial, we’ve allowed our worst fears become reality. we’re so confused we don’t even know what sex we are.

      • I totally agree. It’s just funny that an article like this was posted with LJ in the pic with a dress on.

  1. bso is nuts why are we celebrating someone having sex? let alone same sex. this agenda is being pushed down our throats. this is insane because if you disagree you are the problem, LJ with a dress? Chris Broussard cross eyed? what is going on? People I am going to sleep with my sister, or an animal and marry 5 wives and you better applaud like they are telling to or else you are the problem

    • You have no idea wtf you talking about. No one is celebrating anyone having sex. You sound misinformed a hell. LOL

    • And here we have someone, unironically, making the “Homosexuality is the same as incest/bestiality/bigamy” argument. Wow. #thatssomegoodignorance

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