Ex NFL Player Samari Rolle Suing Surgeon That Cleared Jarvis Jones


I’ve heard of people suing doctors for different reasons, but on the behalf of someone else, this might be the first time.  USA Today is reporting that former Florida State and Baltimore Ravens cornerback Samari Rolle is suing the doctor that recently cleared top linebacker prospect Jarvis Jones.

Former NFL All-Pro defensive back Samari Rolle has filed a lawsuit against a North Carolina-based surgeon, claiming a botched spinal-fusion procedure, a premature green light to return to football activities and overall “negligence” combined to end Rolle’s career and led to “permanent neurological injuries,” according to court documents viewed by USA TODAY Sports.

The surgeon, Craig Brigham, has had a hand in the lead-up to this year’s NFL draft. He recently examined projected first-round pick Jarvis Jones and determined the former Georgia defensive end is not suffering from spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spine), as doctors who previously examined Jones stated.


Brigham reportedly wrote a letter to NFL teams on Javis Jones’ behalf to notify those clubs of his diagnosis. TheNational Football Post reported that Dr. Brigham’s letter stated Jones might have only had a stinger or a “mild incident of spinal cord concussion” that has since cleared up.

Brigham cleared Jones and wrote that he should be allowed to play football “without restriction.”

According to the lawsuit that Rolle and his wife Danisha filed against Brigham, Rolle reportedly underwent an anterior microdisoketomy and fusion of the C3 and C4 vertebrae on September 30, 2008.

I’m not sure how this suit will affect Jarvis Jones and how the NFL teams that could potentially draft Jones feel about what looks like a shady doctor.


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  • “What looks like a shady doctor”???? Are you kidding me? Have you read Dr. Brigham’s resume? He’s one of the best in the business, an incredible surgeon and also an incredible athlete himself. Not only does he perform microdiscectimies and fusions, he has under gone the same surgery on his on spine. He speaks from years of medical training and knowledge as well as personal experience. Any issues Rolle has are his own, not Dr. Brigham’s.

    • Erby,

      You are an idiot.

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