Falcons Sign Brian Banks, Who Was Falsely Accused of Rape & Spent 6 Years in Jail

Brian Banks

The story of Brian Banks is a sad one to be frank. He was a solid High School linebacker, who had plans to attend USC, when he was accused of rape by the woman below, Wanetta Gibson.

Wanetta-Gibson-Brian-banks-rape-accuser 4

Thanks to some terrible advice by his attorney and the prosecutor ignoring all the facts in the case, Banks spend several years in jail. Once released, Gibson reached out to Banks and admitted that she had lied, so she and her mother could sue the school district for $1.5 million.

Gibson and her mother blew through all the money. They are now broke and have went into hiding. Banks has been pursuing his NFL dream since that time. He had a couple of looks last year, but nothing concrete, but the Atlanta Falcons will give him a shot this year.

Good luck to him.

2 thoughts on “Falcons Sign Brian Banks, Who Was Falsely Accused of Rape & Spent 6 Years in Jail

  • Sounds to me like the attorney should owe him about 6 years of back pay as payback (no pun intended). How does one recover anything in these kinds of cases? The courts are reluctant to award damages because it can make overzealous prosecutors look like bad guys (which they are) so it usually passes by as a see no, hear no, speak no, and certainly admit no evil type of case and in the meantime the victim is potentially a few million bucks lighter because he never even had a chance to shine in his prime. A sad state of affairs with no good answer, or in plain old English, A DAMNED SHAME!

  • Wanetta Gibson should be in JAIL. Why isn’t she?

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