Fan Upset He Spent $1K to See LeBron in DC, Only to Have Bron Not Play (Photo)

Lebron James Angry Fan Sign

The Miami Heat has decided to rest their stars, as they near the playoffs. They made the announcement before their game on Wednesday against the Washington Wizards. However one particular fan didn’t appreciate the late warning.

A LeBron fan at the Verizon Center held a sign which read the following:

“Gas from NY $150. 2 tickets $660. Hotel room $200. LeBron on the bench … Bullsh!*”

If you pay $660 for Wizard tickets and you’re not sitting directly behind LeBron James then that’s a problem within its self. Not to mention, the additional $350 he spent on gas and a hotel room could have gotten him better seats and a better show in New York.

Teams sitting out their stars late in the regular season seems to be a popular trend which is progressing throughout the league. March seems to be the last month you can attend games and see your favorite stars compete at a high level. However no game is ever guaranteed. You can purchase tickets to a game early in the season, but injury, suspension, a numerous of things, could sideline your favorite star. It’s a gamble.