Former S Mike McNeil Accuses Auburn Of Racism, Paying Players, Changing Grades


We are all aware of the trappings of big time college football and what goes on behind the scenes.  The one thing I distaste is when a scorned player decides he wants to tell all after things don’t go his way.

Players take money, gifts, women, grades, and handouts, but when NFL dreams don’t prosper, or in this case you end up facing prison time, all bets are off and the snitching begins.

Mike McNeil was a safety on the Auburn Tigers team that won the 2010 National Championship.  You know that team led by Cam and Nick Fairley.

McNeil along with 3 other players was arrested in 2011 for armed robbery.  One of those players, Antonio Goodwin was just sentenced to 15 years for after being found guilty of his charges. 

McNeil refused to take a three-year plea deal in his case, and now is set to go on trial for his April 8.  McNeil has no intentions of going down without a fight, and plans to take Auburn down with him.

McNeil is now accusing Auburn of academic fraud, paying players, violating recruiting rules, and targeting players based on looks for random drug testing, according to a report by

In the investigative report by Selena Roberts, McNeil accused Auburn of several violations that could cause the program to get the death penalty.

He accuses Auburn football of turning their backs on the players after the charges. His mother also accuses Auburn and the local police of trying to keep the armed robbery story from the media.

According to the report, academic fraud happened on a daily basis. Nine Auburn players were supposed to miss the 2011 National Championship game because of grades, but ended up some how being eligible to play.

McNeil says he had a grade changed from an F to a C after going through the athletic department, because a teacher wouldn’t change it.

Former wide receiver Darvin Adams says coaches offered to pay him thousands to keep him from entering the NFL Draft. He left school anyway, and went undrafted.

A scout reportedly says Auburn coaches gave negative reports to NFL teams about him.

McNeil says former Tigers defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, who is now the head coach at Florida, gave him $400 in cash after a practice one day. McNeil sad that Muschamp just handed him the money.

He alleges that coaches gave current Bengals cornerback and former Alabama star Dre Kilpatrick $500 on a recruiting visit.

Selena Roberts reports that players told her that as many as 40 players tested positive for drugs after the national title game.