Geno Smith Guarantees the Jets Will Make the Playoffs

Geno Smith Struggle

I know Geno was a little excited and happy to finally get out of the green room, but concentrate on winning the starting job first, before going all Joe Namath on us.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on Geno because he is in New York and it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is, they will be under a microscope.

Mark Sanchez at the moment is still the starter and we can’t forget about Tebow or David Garrard who are also on the roster. In the end they Jets didn’t take Smith to just sit, at some point he is going to get a chance to prove all his critics wrong.

One thought on “Geno Smith Guarantees the Jets Will Make the Playoffs

  • I think its great! put pressure on yourself thats the diffrents between greatness and weakness.He will get the starting job”sanchez is done”.

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