Geno Smith Says Critiques From PFW Scout are Untrue

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Geno Smith fell into the trap, that was set for him by Pro Football Weekly scout Nolan Nawrocki. I warned you that this would happen, by acknowledging Nawrocki, it gives him exactly what he wants, which is attention.

You can read my piece on Nawrocki and how he has turned NFL scouting into a game a Skip, to get some national spotlight. Here is what Geno had to say about it.

“It’s untrue in all things,” Smith told USA TODAY Sports. “I heard about it (Monday) night when my quarterbacks coach called me to tell me about it.”

USA Today, ESPN, SI, Fox Sports, Yahoo, CBS and others have all falling into Nawrocki’s trap. Sad, how easily the mainstream media can be fooled into feeding the troll or maybe they are just trolling themselves.

In the end Geno Smith will have to prove on the field, he is ready to get the job done.