Georges St. Pierre Says he Wants UFC to Remove Rounds


UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is an old-fashioned dude with what some would consider archaic principles and opinions. He once said that he isn’t too keen on watching women fight so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he wants the UFC to go back to the old standards of mixed martial arts fighting.

According to a story via David King of Yahoo Sports, the native of Quebec appeared on the “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and said he wished the UFC would distance themselves from boxing methods and remove rounds from fights after he was asked if there was anything he would change about the sport.

“There’s a lot of things I would have changed in the sport,” St. Pierre stated. “First of all, the time, there [should be] no time, no round. I think seriously… I believe it is stupid, the round. If you want to see who is the best man, let them fight; fifteen minutes or maybe 25 minutes for the championship. No rounds. Why the round? Why are we trying to be like boxing? We’re not boxers, they did rounds to be like boxing to be accepted as a sport. … No rounds. I think this is ridiculous. … I would rather fight with a rule like this. I think it would be more honest, like, who’s the better man? Let them fight.”

I think the fans of mixed martial arts would love to see that, but I don’t know if fighters could survive under such stipulations. In most bouts, it seems as if fighters find it difficult to maintain a fast pace with breaks and it would probably affect the quality of the fight negatively.