Giants GM Jerry Reese On Ryan Nassib: If He Never Plays, That would Be Great


When you are a potential first round pick in the NFL Draft and you begin to slide, the one thing you pray for is a team that needs you or can to use you to pick you.

Former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib is going to experience such a feeling everyday for a couple of seasons. Nassib who was linked to several teams in the first round of the draft fell all the way to the third round at pick 110.

To make his frustrations worse, he was chosen by the New York Giants who employ the great Eli Manning as their quarterback.

What are the chances of Nassib playing for the Giants?  If you ask GM Jerry Reese, he would prefer Nassib never see the field according to USA Today.

“If he doesn’t ever play, that would be great,” Giants general manager Jerry Reese said. “That’s a good problem to have. If he needs to play, we’re hoping that whatever time that is that he’ll be up and ready to go.”

I understand the logic behind Reese’s comments, because if Nassib has to play for the Giants, then that means Eli Manning was probably hurt.

Still was it necessary for Reese to make such a statement.  I think Nassib is aware he’ll never start a down for the Giants. Right now he’s just trying to figure out how to impress future suitors.