Gospel Singer Fred Hammond Says He Didn’t Help Deion Sanders Hide Money From Pilar


Fred Hammond Deion Sanders

I have covered a lot of athlete divorces in my day, but Deion and Pilar’s divorce has just been bizarre from the start. Many thought it was over when Deion won custody of the kids and the prenuptial agreement was ruled to be valid. But, shortly afterwards a woman surfaced saying TD Jakes, Fred Hammond and Deion conspired to keep Deion’s true net worth and money away from Pilar.  According to Nikke Sanni she was dating Hammond, when this alleged conspiracy plot took place in his home.

Even if that was true, doesn’t really matter because the judge ruled the prenuptial agreement stands, so even if Deion was worth $500 million, Pilar still would only get the $1 million that was agreed upon.

Hammond, doesn’t understand why his name has been dropped into the mix and says none of these people have ever been in his home.

Fred Hammond Tweets

Whatever the case, I don’t think we have heard the last of the Deion and Pilar divorce drama, just yet.


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