Groupon Sells Out 5,000 Bottles Of Infamous Deer Antler Spray After Sale

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The infamous substance which gained notoriety after Ray Lewis was rumored to have taken it is apparently the latest craze in the world of body building.

The twitterverse erupted with mixed reactions over Groupon’s bizarre sale on the mysterious spray. One trip to their website and you get a more in-depth understanding as to just what this substance is:

As deer antlers grow, they’re covered with a fuzzy layer called velvet, a substance rich in antioxidants and the growth hormone IGF-1. Believed to support cell growth, the velvet’s compounds are extracted and bottled into this spray with ingredients such as L-arginine and tribulus. Taken sublingually twice a day, the spray may support muscle growth, aid recovery after intense workouts, and help users grow a fluffier white tail. Noticeable results usually take three to six weeks.

I’m not quite sure what tribulus or arginine is, but do you want it in your body? The sale itself was actually a great one with prices slashed 90% $10 for 2 bottles.

Over 5,000 were bought that day and sold out altogether, just another hilariously bizarre tidbit from the internet.

Side effects may include

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