JaMarcus Russell Says He’s No Longer Breathing Like a Fat Man

Jamarcus Photoshop 8

JaMarcus is still on the comeback trail and the first part of that, was to lose some weight.  When he decided to make a comeback, he was well over 300 pounds.

Russell has since dropped 27 pounds and had this to say about his weight loss via COMPLEX.

“Through the first couple weeks, I could barely make it through the workout,” he said. “It was crazy. We go in to do the warm-up and here I am breathing like a fat man. So, now I’m breathing pretty good and able to stand up on my own two feet.”

Glad he is able to actually stand, without falling down now.

Russell is down to 288, but at this moment, no NFL team seems that interested in his services. He would like to get down to 270 and be invited to someone’s training camp.

The Biggest Loser camp, maybe more likely than a NFL camp, but we wish JaMarcus well, it just might be too little, too late, no Big Pun intended.