Jason Collins Says He Was Engaged, We Should Feel Bad For the Woman (Video)

Jason Collins

Everyone is well within their rights to praise Jason Collins for coming out of the closet. I am sure it wasn’t easy thing to do, even though he will be handsomely rewarded financially for his decision.

But, just like any big announcement, there were casualties online the way. Collins spoke to Good Morning America and I thought it was interesting what he said about being engaged.

Collins says he was engaged at one point but called it off, because he felt he would be getting married for the wrong reasons — he felt he was doing it to convince himself that was the life he should lead.

There is a woman reading this right now that was lied to and deceived by Jason Collins in the worst possible way. She was just a prop to keep his secret, because he wasn’t man enough at the time to come out. So, while people are calling Collins courageous and heaping praise, just remember he isn’t without fault.

It would be naive to think she was the only woman that Collins lied to.  They were just used as props, until they weren’t useful anymore and then discarded like trash.

Don’t just show half of the picture, show all sides.

7 thoughts on “Jason Collins Says He Was Engaged, We Should Feel Bad For the Woman (Video)

  • It’s interesting the direction you chose to take on this… First, how do you know that the former fiance didn’t know.. is that something Collins says or eluded to? Maybe she does know and how come he can’t actually be sorry about it. She wasn’t a “prop” he willfully says he loved her but couldn’t put himself or her through a marriage that he wasn’t honestly invested in. That happens all the time, with heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples. I may end up getting engaged to a man that I loved and had been with for a while but may have to come to grips with the fact that I don’t want to be married to him for whatever reason. Would he be a prop too? No. That’s love, relationships and the struggle to be true to self while caring for another and trying to keep them happy while fighting to be honest with the self. That makes him a better man then so many who continue to be on the DL or those who cheat, lie, and act abusively instead of being upfront and honest. Maybe she’ll speak out… maybe she won’t then we will know how she feels about his coming out. But there is such a thing confidentiality agreement. He is a well-paid man, who knows what came after the engagement was broken off. Speculation is an extraordinary thing, it’s always nice to know the actual truth though.

  • I have to agreed with the first comment. You took the wrong angle on this. Only valid point, was “just remember he isn’t without fault”. Yes, he may not be without fault, but your speculation about it being more than one woman- and discarded like trash, is full of nothing but speculation. No facts. Please refrain from writing this garbage above, and continue to writie like you did about how he’s going to benefit financial from this.

  • Brandon and SheBaDix, what y’all say now?? Have you seen the story about the Fiancée?

  • Please18, What the hell is that. First. Second, I did read the story. What’s your point? Women and Men have been, and at this moment continue to be lied to. A lie is a lie- But for Rob to say she was a “Prop” to him and he discarded her like trash is speculation and opinionated. Period, can he say that, Yes- But it’s out of line as much as Broussard lame ass Bible attempt.

  • They’re called beards. I feel bad for the women, and if they were having sexual relations that’s even worse.

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