Jason Terry Hints that Kevin Garnett is Retiring

Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry



The Boston Celtics were able to keep their playoffs alive yesterday by defeating the New York Knicks 97-90 in overtime to bring the series to a 3-1 Knicks lead. While many doubt the chances of the Celtics actually coming back to win the series, it was nice to see the team still fight for their pride at home when many had already written them off.

Jason Terry played a key role in yesterday’s win but it was his comments after the game that caught even more attention. Particularly regarding the future of Kevin Garnett.

Per Jay King of MassLive: “Me, personally, I’ve let Kevin down,” said Terry. “I know what he sacrificed to come back here this year. He’s the reason why I’m here, and so, again, I just don’t want to let him down. I don’t want his lasting impression to be, okay we got swept, or we didn’t give our best effort. He’s our leader and we look up to him.”

Luckily the Celtics season isn’t over yet so we get to see KG play at least one more game. It sounded very much like Terry was hinting that Garnett is planning to retire after this season.