Javier Fortuna Brutal One Punch KO of Miguela Zamudio (Video)

Javier Fortuna

Javier Fortuna is a very good prospect and this was horrible mismatch, for the headline bout on Friday Night Fights. With that being said it doesn’t take away from the brutality of this KO.

It is about as clean of a one punch KO as you will ever see.

Javier Fortuna One Punch KO

Here is what Fortuna had to say about the KO.

“I was surprised he got up from the first knockdown because I hit him so hard,” Fortuna said. “I knew he wasn’t getting up the second time because he fell pretty awkwardly.”

Zambudio was unconscious for 2-3 minutes, had to be given oxygen and carried off on a stretcher, but he should be ok.

You can watch the full fight here.