Jay-Z “Open Letter” Speaks to Critics Who Clowned His Ownership of Nets (Audio)


People love to slander the success.

When Jay-Z decided to move into the sports agent business, he had to get rid of his Nets ownership, which wasn’t a big share, but considering how he turned that small piece into multiple other revenues streams, it was a very smart investment.

People who don’t even own 10 pair of shoes, had a good laugh at Jay-Z’s expense, meanwhile he continues to turn a gift of rap, into a half billion dollar business venture.

It is unfortunate, that our society, instead of studying what makes people like Jay-Z successful, would rather insult those people for a quick rise in social media fame.

But, as I always say, unless your Tweets, Facebook, Forums or etc put money in your pocket, you are just living in the Matrix. When you shut down your computer, then the reality hits. Can’t take your followers on a job interview. Jay responds to his various critics in an “Open Letter” produced by Swizz Beats and Timberland. Thanks to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the video.