Jay-Z Wants To Represent NHL Prospect Seth Jones



Jay-Z is playing no games when it comes to taking over the sports world. He’s coming at your favorite athletes, past, present and future.

Per ProHockeyTalk, Standing at 6’4, Seth Jones has become a hot commodity, not only is he being represented by one the nations top sporting agency, CAA, Roc Nation Sporting Agency also hopes the Jones will sign with them as well. Roc Nation Sporting Agency and CAA have partnered to create a sports powerhouse with CAA dominating sports, with $1.1 billion in baseball contracts alone, and Roc Nation spearheading the music scene with acts such as Rihanna. These two together are bond to dominate, especially with TIME’s most influential person, Jay-Z in the mix.

With Robinson Cano already signed, Jay-Z is hoping to give the #2 spot to Seth Jones. Seth Jones who is has been deemed as the “Tiger Woods of the NHL” is looking to be the the first black hockey player to be possibly taken at number 1. At 18, Jones is the son of Popeye Jones who was a former NBA player and is currently represented by CAA as well. Jones is represented by Pat Brisson who will handle all his business dealings. Brisson released this statement via TSN.

“CAA Sports is proud to represent Seth Jones in all of his on and off the ice endeavors, spearheading all contract negotiations and marketing on his behalf.

“We are always looking to access all of the resources and relationships across the agency to bring new opportunities to our clients.

“Roc Nation and CAA Sports have recently announced a relationship which could be beneficial to our athletes.”

Popeye Jones, Seth’s father, wants people to know that his son just isnt a black man, but he comes from a multi racial family, Seth’s mother, Amy, is white.

“The way Amy and I always raised our boys, we told them they had the best of both worlds, they were black and white,’’ said Popeye Jones. “We never had any racial issues. … we’ve discussed this, and I think Amy and I know, and Seth knows, that he’s probably looked at more as an African-American player. That’s fine, he accepts that responsibility and understands he has a chance to help grow the game and hopefully bring more inner-city kids into the sport.’’

Jones himself says he accepts being a role model for young african american children wanting to go into hockey.

“its a great thing. Like my dad said, race has never been an issue or a problem (for us) but it’s cool if you can be a role model for other kids who might go on to play hockey as well.’’

Jones is marketing gold. He has the opportunity to bring a whole new audience to hockey and possibly bring it back to life. Being from an already athletic family, he should have no problem stepping up and making some major noise in the NHL. If Jay-Z gets the chance to represent this 18 year old kid, Im sure he’s going to be one happy man or should I say even happier.