Jerry West on Mike D’Antoni Criticism: “I Think it’s Grossly Unfair”

Jerry West

Mike D’Antoni has been swimming upstream against the ire of Los Angeles Lakers fans all season.

He wasn’t the popular choice to replace Mike Brown, who was fired after five games this season, and the Lakers faithful have appointed him the scapegoat for everything that has gone wrong for the franchise this season, everything except for the untimely passing of Dr. Jerry Buss.

Some in the media have been equally as careless, criticizing every move, every tactic, every post-game comment without taking everything into account.

Well, according to a story via Pro Basketball Talk, Lakers legend Jerry West, has come the defense of the embattled head coach while appearing on Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley on ESPN LA 710 radio.

“I think there’s been far too much criticism of Mike [D’Antoni],” West said… “I think it’s grossly unfair to him. He inherited a team that had a bunch of injuries,” West said. “He inherited a team without a training camp. I think he’s done a nice job, to be honest with you.”

A common criticism of D’Antoni’s coaching style is that the ball doesn’t go inside enough, West shot down the validity of that misconception also.

“All these social media things about throw the ball inside — you have to be able make shots from the outside if you’re going to be able to make shots from the inside,” West said.

“The Logo” has spoken.

3 thoughts on “Jerry West on Mike D’Antoni Criticism: “I Think it’s Grossly Unfair”

  • As a Lakers fan, I couldn’t disagree anymore with Jerry West. D’Antoni was the wrong hire, the players don’t like him, he has an affinity to be contentious with his best players, he’s stubbon as hell, and have people not seen his recent track record. Hell even he was surprised to have gotten the job over Phil. What has he won in the NBA? Nothing. Jerry can defend him all he wants, but his line of thinking is clouded. Maybe because he’s an executive of one of our divisional rivalries? Funny how th Knicks immediately improved once he left. Remember, they were strugglin to make the playoffs while he was the coach, now they are the #2 seed. Enough said.

  • Just b/c he was not the popular hire doesn’t make him the wrong hire.

  • He was and is the wrong hire.However,the players are the wrong players.The leader is the wrong leader.Kobe can not lead a group like this.D12 is not going to resighn with the lakers.Nash does not wont to be there.If you watch them play it all shows.There is a lack of effort.That is why he is the wrong hire.Atleast phil would have had these guys ready and willing to play.D’antoni is not a scrub coach.His best work is with a young team that has 3 are 4 vets and atleast 2 young stars.

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