Jets Forcing Revis To Attend Off-Season Workouts To Get $3 Million Bonus


Darrelle Revis has another conundrum upon him right now.  Revis expecting to be traded, so he would prefer to workout on his own in Arizona and continue his knee rehab.

The Jets know they want to trade Revis, but have no qualms about making things even more awkward by enforcing a rule in Revis’ contract language that calls for him to attend off-season workouts to get a $3 million bonus according to ESPN New York. 

Even though they may trade him before or during the April 25 draft, the Jets plan to enforce language in the star cornerback’s contract that requires him to participate in the voluntary workouts to collect bonus money, sources said.

Revis has been rehabbing his surgically repaired knee with his personal trainer in Arizona and, with an uncertain future, he’d prefer to stay there at least through the draft to focus on his rehab and avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation, according to sources.

The Jets will force Revis to workout at a facility where he is clearly not wanted.

When Revis renegotiated his contract in 2010,  he agreed to a clause that requires his attendance in all off-season activities, even non-mandatory workouts, sources said.

If Revis doesn’t participate in 80 percent of the workouts, he will forfeit a $1 million workout bonus,  a $1 million roster bonus (triggered March 17, but payable at a later date) and a $1 million reporting bonus at the start of training camp.