Jets GM Says All 5 QBs on Their Roster Will Compete For Starting Job


This is not the proper way to run an organization.

Jets GM John Idzik according to ESPN, has said the following five quarterbacks will fight for the New York Jets starting job.

Mark Sanchez
David Garrard
Geno Smith
Greg McElroy
Matt Simms

I would love for Matt Simms to win the job. If you are going to be a circus, might as well go YOLO and give the job to the person no one has heard of.

Realistically speaking, for financial reasons Sanchez still has the best shot to start the season.  It is possible Garrard could start, the Jets take the salary cap hit and release Sanchez. Then again, maybe Geno just wows them during camp and he starts day 1.

Who knows, your guess is as good as the Jets at this point, because that is obviously what they are doing, just guessing.