John Wall Thinks Derrick Rose Should Sit Out Entire Season


The NBA regular season is coming to a close, and unless Bulls point guard Derrick Rose pulls his own version of the Willis Reed, and tries to rescue the Bulls during the playoffs, Derrick Rose likely will miss the whole season.

Wizards guard John Wall who missed sometime this season with a knee injury thinks Rose should indeed sit the season out according to

“I think the organization and the team understands how hard [Rose plays] and what he does for the city and the team, how hard he works and what he wants to bring back to that city,” said Wall, whose Wizards defeated the Bulls 90-86 Tuesday night. “So I think [based off] what he has already done, they would understand if he didn’t come back.

“I feel like [if] I were in the situation I wouldn’t really [come back this year] because you don’t have enough time to get into a rhythm. Then you get to the playoffs, D-Rose wouldn’t be good for that team just playing 20 minutes a game. They’re already a good team and good defensively, but to be even better he would have to play more minutes.”

“I think he’s doing it the best way you should,” Wall said. “Take your time and feel like you’re fully healthy. That’s the one thing, with him coming back, he’s kind of the same way I am — you want to give 110 percent. You know no other way but to play hard. With that type of injury you’ve got to take your time and make sure you feel comfortable with it.

“You don’t want to come back and try to go score 30 or 40 and you don’t have that same kind of confidence and putting more pressure on yourself. I feel like he’s doing the right thing and when the time is right he’s going to come back.”

Rose has hinted at making his debut during the playoffs if he felt truly comfortable at that point.  It ultimately is up to Derrick Rose to return when he’s truly ready.