Johnny Football & The Heisman Trophy Share a Blunt; Manziel Says It’s Photoshopped


Johnny Manziel Blunt Heisman

That is a pretty good photoshop job, if I say so myself. If you weren’t really paying attention, it does seem the Heisman Trophy has a blunt in his hand, while giving the stiff arm.

Manziel though, claims it is the haters trying to get him in hot water.

But Johnny says the photo’s a fake!: “ABSOLUTELY PHOTOSHOPPED. People are always out to get me…sorry for kissing my trophy.”

Johnny Football says his life has changed after spending a weekend with Drake of all people, has sky-high expectations in his second year at Texas A&M.


  1. it does look photoshop , its not a “pretty good photoshop job” its decent at best you can see the blurr at around the tip of the blunt

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