Johnny Manziel Hangs With LeBron, Says Long as His B*tches Love Him, He’s Good

Johnny Manziel Lebron James

The world can be a very simple place. Sports can be even simpler, if you are a baller, people will pretty much overlook anything.

I don’t care what Johnny Football does in his free time as long as it isn’t illegal, but the premise is the same if he balls out, all the things people have criticized him for will fade away, but there is a flip side to that. If he falters, the media sharks are in the water circling waiting for blood.

It is already happening. Just today, a ridiculously article about how Freshman shouldn’t win the Heisman because of Manziel came out. It was quite possibly the dumbest thing I have read in a minute.

If Manziel doesn’t win the Heisman, guess who does? A player who lied about having a fake dead cancer stricken girlfriend multiple times. including during the Heisman Trophy presentation. My only advice for Manziel, is be ready, because since he decided to live his life so high-profile, people are itching to just tear him down and the only way that can happen, is if he starts to falter on the field.

Will be an interesting season in Aggie country.  Manziel was spotted at the Heat vs. Spurs game and took a few photos with LeBron and Manu.


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