Jose Canseco Wants To Do A Sex Tape With Tim Brando

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Jose Canseco has made a second career off his outlandish tweets. Today he may have found a way to up himself again–turns out that’s possible.

CBS Sports broadcaster Tim Brando was very active on twitter today discussing the Jason Collins situation with his followers. Although supportive of Collins’ choice to come out Brando thought the ”hero’ label he had been given was a bit much.

to which garnered this reply from Canseco

I think the ‘JK’ tweet which came right after made things all the more damning for Canseco, who oft tweets some rather ‘ambiguous’ tweets to members of the same sex. To loosely quote Seinfeld ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’.

Without a doubt though, a sex tape with Brando and a steroid pumped Canseco is just not a very pleasant thought.

Meals everywhere have been destroyed.

Canseco strikes again.

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