Josh Reddick Shaves Beard, After Most Likely Losing Bet To WWE’s Daniel Bryan

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Let us all let out a resounding ‘Hallelujah!’ Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick has finally shaved off his massive beard.

The beard from Hell began as part of a twitter bet with WWE’s Daniel Bryan. The deal was that both Reddick and Bryan would grow out their beards and by year’s end fans would vote on who had the better beard, and the loser would shave off theirs off.

Mysteriously Reddick showed up to the ballpark on Saturday with a shaven face and no statement issued via twitter–where he and Bryan made the bet. So does that mean Reddick is already accepting defeat?

The other explanation for Reddick’s choice to shave could be tied to the fact he’s struggling mightily at the plate. He’s 2 of his last 22, with a .102 batting average, Reddick has been known to shave his facial hair when in the midst of a slump.

Whatever his reasons for shaving, who cares, it looked like he hadn’t bathed in two centuries. NESN provided the post-shaven Reddick photos. Muccchhh Better…

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