Juan Manuel Marquez to Face Tim Bradley in September in Vegas


Smart move by Marquez, he hit a walk off home run against Pacquiao, there was no need for another fight, unless he was in dire financial straits.

That doesn’t seem to be the case and he will make a nice piece of change fighting Timothy Bradley in Vegas.  Pacquiao will move on to Mike Alvarado.

Marquez told ESPN Deportes that the fight will be September 14th in the Thomas and Mack Center. It will be on HBO and another big challenge for Timothy Bradley who somehow, someway, finds ways to stay undefeated.

From a tactical standpoint, it is a good fight because both Marquez and Bradley have started to be less technical and brawl a little more. Marquez because of age and Bradley because he wants to be known as an action fight.

For boxing fans it is a fresh match up with a lot of intrigue.

2 thoughts on “Juan Manuel Marquez to Face Tim Bradley in September in Vegas

  • This is a good thing. The last thing the world needed was a Marquez v. Pacquio 12.

  • Bradley was saved in his last two fights. He will not be saved this time! Bradley will lose; I bet he gets knocked out! Desert Storm will fall!

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