Kerry Rhodes’ Team Says Hollywood Simpson is a Liar, So Hollywood Releases Texts


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Someone from Kerry Rhodes’ team started to slowly leak that Russell “Hollywood” Simpson was lying about their relationship.  My advice to Kerry and his team is if they know that isn’t true, they might want to stop, because every time they try to deny it, Hollywood comes out with more photos.

Kerry Rhodes and Hollywood Simpson

Hollywood also provided one, of what he says are many text messages from Kerry Rhodes.

I assume these could be photoshopped, but I am not expert in that field.

Kerry Rhodes Hollywood Simpson

Hollywood is not happy about being called a liar, here is what he had to say to Baller Alert.

“First and foremost, you can’t make sure that I don’t say anything else because I’m going to say whatever the f*** I want to say. If you don’t like what I have to say then you should just chop my tongue off and give me a new one. And when I get a new one, I’m gonna talk then too. The only way you can keep me from talking is to throw me in the damn river and I can assure you that won’t happen. I may be gay but I’m still a boy and I can go with the best of them.”

“Only way I’m going to stop talking is if I’m dead or I’m in the river. And if he throw me in the river, I can swim so he would have to kill me and then throw me in the river. If he just throws me in the river, I’m going to come out, hair wet and all, and ready to continue to talk about him. We all know that he can swim because he swum when he was in me, boo.”

“It was definitely [already] out just nobody was talking about it. The football players that played for Arizona have talked about it. It’s been talked about. I’m not ‘outing’ Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded. The people who are saying I’m outing him should be happy if you’re a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won’t be playing yourself. I’m helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it. I’m not outing Kerry. I’m helping the little groupies standing outside the gate. Thing about it, I wasn’t the little girl standing outside the gate, I was the girl inside the gate, getting in the truck with him with my red bottoms on.”

Hollywood’s story seems to mesh with a current story out there, about a NFL player who teammates knew he was gay.  There is still time for Kerry Rhodes to handle this in the proper way, but he would need to contact me.

Currently, Kerry Rhodes does not know which team he will be playing for in the upcoming year.

9 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes’ Team Says Hollywood Simpson is a Liar, So Hollywood Releases Texts

  • I don’t care if its true or not that text is fake. If its an imessage it would not be green and say text message. We all know how iPhones work. But best to luck to both men

  • Why is this kid on such a mission to destroy Kerry’s life?? It’s sad to see someone be so vindictive. And Robert Littall you are just as guilty as he is for giving him an outlet to spread his vicious stories. Kerry can “handle this the right way” by talking to this lousy website?!?!
    That’s just dumb. Shame on Russell and shame on YOU Robert! This is not a good way to try to increase visibility for your website.

    • that is so true

  • Why does he need to contact you? There’s a reason why pro athletes aren’t ready to come out and it’s because of this kind of coverage. IF he is gay then it is his right to come out IF and WHEN he wants to. For some guy who was complaining on twitter for being discriminated against in a Verizon store a couple of weeks ago you sure are being a hypocrite. You blast Skip Bayless for being a troll but you are the TMZ of sports reporting. Shame on you for trying to get page views, money, and exposure off of this.

  • He needs to call you, he needs crisis mgmt quick cause…

  • All kinds of celebrities and athletes business are talked about on here. If it were about money and trying to ruin someone’s lives a lot of these blog owners would be stupid rich and some of these people wouldn’t be heard of again because they’d be so called ruined. But everyone is fair game when you’re in the public eye.

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