Kevin Durant says it’s Fun Playing Without Russell Westbrook

Kevin Durant



The notion during their tenure of playing together has always been that Russell Westbrook takes shots away from Kevin Durant. Westbrook is the most explosive point guard in the game, but has a tendency to take some ill-timed shots that many feel would be better served being taken by one of the best shooters in the game.

So when Russell Westbrook was announced out for the playoffs, many were excited to see Durant play without him for the first time since his rookie season. And according to USA Today, Durant is just as excited to finally play with the offense going through him.

“I tell you, it’s fun,” he said. “I feel like I’m playing street ball again, just having the ball in my hands all the time and initiating the offense.”

To his credit, Durant has always been a major supporter of the way Westbrook plays and even went on record saying the team is better when he shoots more. So I don’t think he meant these comments as a shot at his teammate.

I just think that he is finally getting a chance to experience life without another star player and is enjoying the freedom. He knows that if the Thunder have any shot of finally capturing a NBA title, he will have to take the lead more now than ever.