Kevin Ware Does Letterman Top 10 About Broken Leg (Video)

Kevin Ware Delivers Top 10

Kevin Ware’s gruesome injury has ironically made him an instant celebrity. Article after article has been written, images have been played on every major media outlet, and even Adidas will profit from Ware inspired shirts.

Last night Kevin made an appearance on the David Letterman Show where he briefly spoke with the late night legend, and presented the top ten thoughts of what was going through mind when he broke his leg. Here’s the list:

10. What was that loud cracking sound?
9. I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise.
8. Hey, look—my tibia!
7. Ouch.
6. Did it go in?
5. Oh, boy… hospital food!
4. Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in.
3. They fired Leno?
2. Heat, then ice, or ice, then heat?
1. At least my bracket’s not busted.

I think the list was comically clever, and of course the fact that Ware is presenting it himself makes it all the better.