Knicks Kenyon Martin Tells the Celtics to Prepare for Their Funeral in Game 5


Martin talks a lot for someone who has just been on the team for 15 minutes. He has helped with their depth, but seems to be a little too giddy at times.

He decided he would be the one doing the guaranteeing for Game 5.

Knicks bruiser Kenyon Martin told his teammates after yesterday’s Game 4 defeat to prepare for a Celtics funeral.

‘The guy was mouthing off before the game,’ Kenyon Martin said. ‘He told me, ‘You’re not dancing at my funeral today.’ […] ‘We’re ending it Wednesday,’ Martin said. He even made it a point to tell teammates what to wear when the Knicks look to win this series in five, then get ready for the winner of Indiana-Atlanta. ‘Wear black,’ he said. ‘Funeral colors.’”

Settle down Kenyon.

It isn’t like it is Game 7 and the Knicks should win Game 5, so he really isn’t going out on a limb.