Kobe Bryant Says he can Play Another Five Years

Kobe Bryant

I hope Kobe Bryant doesn’t go down the same path as the once beloved but now scorned Brett Favre.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard is obviously facing the same demons the former Green Bay Packers quarterback did when his career was winding down, when he just couldn’t walk away from the game and ended up creating a saga that sullied his legacy. Last month, Bryant said that he was likely to retire after next season when his contract expires, but he’s been hesitant to truly commit to it.

In an interview with Time Warner Cable Sportsnet Connected, Bryant provided further mystery to the date when he finally hangs up his kicks, according to Lakers Nation.

“I could play another five years. That’s not to say I will.”

Now, Bryant has no intentions of hurting the Lakers, but if he continues to sway back and forth on this decision, all he’s going to do is handcuff the organization going forward.

One thought on “Kobe Bryant Says he can Play Another Five Years

  • he is already handcuffing the lakers, 30 mil for a player who is 34-35 and gets HIS stats but cant make anyone on the team remotely better

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