Kordell Stewart Claims Porsha Neglects His Son And Parties Too Much


You can claim to be the Brady Bunch on television, but once a million opinionated viewers begin to speculate and analyze your Hollywood relationship circumstances that normally would be hidden become public information.

Retired NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha Stewart are starting to learn that quickly.

After being blindsided and finding out about the divorce via internet, Porsha Stewart fought back filling documents that Kordell repeatedly locked her out of their family home while entertaining other females in their home.

In return, according to TMZ, Kordell is now claiming he locked Porsha out of the house due to her excess parting and coming home at all times of night smelling of alcohol. He continues his claims by accusing Porsha’s excessive parting as one of the reason she has been neglectful of his son of a prior relationship.

Kordell also rebukes Porsha’s claim of having another woman in their home, since he identifies the alleged other woman to be their nanny. Kordell has now asked the judge to deny Porsha of any temporary spousal support, since she is a reality star celebrity and can make her own money!

Well this won’t end nicely. Normally I don’t like people getting spousal support, however when you publicly tell your wife on national television you would rather her not work so you can have her at your demand then you sort of made your own bed. Not to mention I thought Kordell stated he didn’t like nannies.

As a man of power and/or a celebrity, if you want the pretty trophy wife remember it comes with a price.

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  • Why on earth should Porsha have to look after HIS son when he is divorcing her and she’s having to fight for spousal support? And what is it to him if she is partying too much he wants out of the marriage.SMH

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