Kris Humphries Wants $7 Million & Annulment to Settle Divorce With Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries Says Kim Kardashian Cheated on Him With Kanye West

Bad news for The Hump, because he missed some flights, he is going to be late for his divorce hearing with Kim Kardashian. Good news for The Hump, is the hearing is in LA, where the judicial system seems to favor celebrities, so I am sure they will wait or reschedule.

The Hump, according to TMZ wants $7 Million and Kim Kardashian to agree to an annulment, for him to walk away from the marriage, if he doesn’t get that, he is going to drag it out, for as long as possible.

The whole thing is ridiculous, Kim Kardashian is about to have a baby by another man, while technically, married to someone who she was only with for 72 days, is something you would expect to see on a Lifetime movie.

Knowing the Kardashians. they will probably sell the story to Lifetime.