KU Women’s Basketball Signees The Gonzalez Twins (Photos)



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People are scared to say it, but the facts are, if you are an attractive female athlete, you are going to get more attention than a non attractive female athlete, if your skills are similar (sometimes that doesn’t even matter).

There are always exceptions like Brittney Griner, who is so talented, her skills speak for themselves. But, in many sports like basketball, Tennis, Olympic Sports and auto racing, the better you look, the more money will be deposited in your bank account.  I don’t know how good Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez will be at Kansas, but what I do know is they are the only women’s basketball recruits I am aware of.

That isn’t because of how well they shoot the 3.

Is that sexiest?  Maybe, but I never seen any woman turned down attention because of her looks.  Have you?

Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez 2


  1. Your comment is spot on! Anna Kournikova was not a very good tennis player, yet she got the Sports Illustrated cover and more attention than Venus and Serena. My question is why did they choose Kansas? If they came to a school in Los Angeles (UCLA, USC), they would be catapulted to instant fame!

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