Lakers 2013 Playoffs Conspiracy (Video)


I just want to preface this post by stating that I had nothing to do with this, just the messenger, so direct your vitriol appropriately Lakers fans.

The following video is a very detailed compilation of calls and non-calls that have benefited the Los Angeles Lakers in recent months, coincidentally, around the same time time they began their playoff push after a horrid start to the season.

Fans are always accusing the NBA of one conspiracy theory after another, but it’s usually without logic or proof. And while the video has provided sufficient evidence that the Lakers receive favorable treatment from officials, this is not going to change much, in fact it’s hardly surprising but it’s fun to watch.


H/T to Trey Kerby of the Basketball Jones for the video.

2 thoughts on “Lakers 2013 Playoffs Conspiracy (Video)

  • Look at my name. That is all I need to say!

  • ESPN has been championing The Lakers since the season started. I’m very impartial to the NBA but have found that The Lakers get the most unjustified coverage that I’ve ever seen in sports journalism. There may be an argument that ESPN, sitting across the street from the Staples Center, may have an invested lobbied interest in the success of the Lakers.
    I have always thought that point shaving and corruption have run rampant in the NBA more than any other pro sport. The integrity of the game can not be repaired in my lifetime for me to ever be a fan of their “game”. The NBA is only a step up from the WWE and the Harlem Globetrotters.

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