Lance Armstrong To Make His Competitive Swimming Debut

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For the first time since his very public fall from grace Lance Armstrong is making his return to the world of competitive sports by competing in the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships at the University of Texas.

USA Today reports that Armstrong will compete in 3 events under the 40-44 age group in the 500, 1000, and 1,650 yards, as per Armstrong’s spokesman Mark Higgins. The competition is not covered under the same drug testing rules as the US Anti-Doping agency which banned him for life from sanctioned events, so Armstrong is free to compete.

Armstrong has been seeking a change in career paths even before his lifetime ban, maybe he’s found his new sport of choice. Ultimately nothing Armstrong will ever do will make the world forgive him for his transgressions, his wounds are so devastating that even time may not even be his ally.

If this is Armstrong’s half-attempt at a mini-comeback of sorts then he should just shelve it now.