Lebron James Does Handshake With Towel Boy (Video)

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Lebron James has come a long way in two seasons. Gone is the guy who played angry, uptight, with the voices of his critics blasting in his head. He’s won a championship ring and with that came a new found sense of confidence which has allowed him to play loose and carefree.

As the seconds winded down following the Miami Heat’s 94-83 victory over their potential first-round opponent in the playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks, James and the team’s towel boy engaged in a little post-victory handshake and dance. I fully expect Kevin Durant to follow suit sometime in the near future.

Check the cool moment out here:

H/T to the Hoop Doctors for the GIF

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  • I Know The Lil Homie Got Hella Props At School For That..!!

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